3 Ways to Get Business Comfort

Did you know that the Polo was the first shirt to get a button down collar? Polo Gamers despised the flapping collar as they played the game - riding their horses in the wind. They soon had the bright idea to attach buttons to the collars to hold them down.

The president of Brooks Brothers, Mr. Brooks, mass produced the Polos in 1896 after seeing them in a Polo game. He presented them to the populace as the first button down collared shirt.

So not only was the Polo shirt a major comfort in Polo games, but they soon became a fashion staple among the masses.

You too, can get your comforting fashion staple for the office or the classroom.

First Click the Link

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Select Your Color and Size

The next step is to select your size and the color of your choice. You have the option of sticking with the classic professional white, black, or gray. But you can also choose to spice up your qualified heir with a bit of color.

Check Out

Last, all you have to do is check out. The extra nice thing about RIFY WEAR is that they have a 20% off sale on polos right now. Get yours today.

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