A Wonderful Father

Father's Day is around the corner. Show that wonderful father some love.
When I think of my father, I remember all the fun times we spent skating at the beach. I didn't think of it then, but reminiscing now, I know that I was showing my father some love, by spending time with him. Every Saturday morning, we would get up and slip into our workout gear. We'd get into the car with our skates, and head toward Santa Monica Beach, blasting rock music. My father was the best - cool. He'd play Led Zeppelin, Santana, or Pink Floyd. I actually thought the music somehow got him into the skating mood. He was always very relaxed and easy-going about everything.
Once at the beach, my father loved to take his time getting into his skates, while listening to more music. And I showed my father some love by sitting with him. I inhaled the fresh sea air, and enjoyed the scene as he took his time to put on his skates.
When he was ready, we would skate from one end of the trail to the other (which was the length of Santa Monica and Venice). We would skate, usually until mid afternoon.
These are memories of a wonderful father that I will never forget. Yet, spending time with my father these days are a lot different, but just as enjoyable. And I cannot wait to sit with him again this Sunday, with some tasty treats to eat. How are you going to celebrate Father's Day?
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