Lose Inches Off Your Waistline For Summer

Try the 16 hour fast!

Did you know that while insulin breaks down the carbs that you eat, excess insulin also adds belly fat to your waistline?

One wonder cure is eliminating the extra insulin in your body by fasting. If there's no food to break down, there's no insulin produced, and no added inches to your waistline.

It's easy. A cup of hot water will curb your hunger if you're accustomed to eating breakfast in the morning.

This 16 hour fast will blast extra inches in a few weeks. The trick is that you are not going to eat breakfast, but you will begin eating your meals at 12 noon. When you are about to get the evening munchies, you are not going to eat after 8pm. Try drinking water, or unsweetened tea instead. Be sure to take breaks when you feel the need. Some successful people fast for five days (Monday - Friday), and stop the fast for the weekend. And the results are surprising!

Begin your 16 hour fast to enjoy RIFY Wear swimwear.

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